Swiss Olympic Use Case


Linking swiss sports with the content network

“Thanks to the Storyshaker, we have the unique opportunity to pass on top quality content to other sports associations in an easy way.”

– Franziska Wehrle, Head of Communications, Swiss Olympic

Swiss Olympic Use Case

Initial Situation

Swiss Olympic is the national Olympic committee of Switzerland with 86 member associations, 20,000 federations and 1,6 million active members. For the Olympic games 2016 in Rio, Swiss Olympic wanted to implement a coherent digital communication system.

The goal was an integrative digital communication in which the sportspersons, fans, organisations and especially the member associations alike were to be included and, furthermore, used as sources for enthralling storytelling. However, Swiss Olympic did not just want to use gripping content from the member associations but also grasped for the widest reach possible.

Storyshaker in Action

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