Content Network

Storyshaker Content Network

The linking of multiple Storyshakers to a Content Network makes content exchange with partners easy. Newly generated stories within a Storyshaker Content Network will be pooled in the draftroom of linked Storyshakers and can be released by a single click.

Let the Storyshaker Content Network help you engage in innovative storytelling and showcase your captivating content to users and clients.
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Content Network

Various application possibilities of Content Networks

Companies interlink internal communicating bodies, such as stores etc.

Organizers connect with content of partners and exhibitors etc.

Associations link themselves with associated bodies and sections

Branch specific platforms connect content of their members

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Swiss Olympic is already successfully using the Storyshaker Content Network


Swiss Olympic and its sports associations were the first to use the Storyshaker Content Network Technology for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio in 2016.

Swiss Olympic holds the main Storyshaker, while other associations such as Swiss Tennis receive their own specific Storyshakers, which are customized to the particular corporate design. Using the Content Network allows Swiss Olympic to specifically publish content from the various sports associations in their main Swiss Olympic Storyshaker. It also provides them with a perfect tool to release general statements concerning all of the sport associations, since the edited story will be dropped in the Storyshaker draftrooms of every linked sport association.


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